Product Import 

Shopify Store Manager now has the Products Import functionality

You can find the Import button in the Products Grid.

In the first step of Import Wizard you can load the file

 and set the charset for the imported file - Autodetect (UTF8) is set by default

Also, here you can download the example of the supported file format to check it

check the structure of supported file below 

If you selected the file and set the Charset, you can go to the Next step

This step allows to select the file delimiters and check how the file was opened (it delimiter is set correctly, all data will be set sown in a separate columns)

You can select the correct delimiter in the drop-down

also, if your file was saved with quotes, please select the single or double quotes. If allis set correctly, you can go to teh Next step

This step allows to link the fields

and assign the columns to the database fields 

Select needed column from drop-down. Perform this operation for each field yo want to add/update with this import

or use the Auto Link option - it will assign the columns automatically if the column name matches the database field name

You can also import images - assign the url to the Media URL field to proceed

If all data is set here, proceed to the Next step

Import Options step allows to check the option to 'Publish new products to all sales channels' and check if you want to overwrite images for the existing products.

Click Import to proceed with the products import 

check the status in Store Manager

When Import is finished, check the result  - here you can see what products were created. updated and the status of the Import

Check the result in Store Manager

and in your store