Product Editing

The Alpha version of Store Manager for Shopify allows managing the existing products - adding the main info and images, and performing some mass operations via the lower grid.

Product Editing

In the lower grid, you can  find the following tabs:

1. Details

2. Options

3. Collections

4. Media

5. SEO & Tags

2. Options tab.
Here you can View the Options (Size, Material, Style, etc.) and Values.

3. Collections tab allows adding a new collection or remove the previously added.

4. Media tab displays the images added to the product and allows you to Add image or Delecte selected.

5. SEO & Tags tab allows managing:

In the right-side menu, you can find created product variants and variant details.

The Variant Details tab allows managing the following fields:

Quantity.  Here you can find the following options:

Also, you can edit the locations.

Mass operations

Alpha version allows you to massively update product details - simply choose all products that you want to edit and set the value for all selected products in the Lower Grid.

For example, you can massively edit the Product Status -  select all the products that you want to update and in the lower grid and pick the needed status to update them in bulk, and confirm the changes.

You can update several fields at once. Note that you can set same value for all the selected products.

Currently, you can bulk update fields in the General and Collections tabs. Tabs or fields that failed to update in bulk will be grayed out when selecting multiple products.