Product Export

Store Manager for Shopify allows exporting your product details to the file.

 To proceed with the export select some products in the Product Grid

You can also select all products

and click on Export button

In the first step of Import Wizard you will see 3 options:

Depending on this option all or selected products will be exported

Next step alows selecting the Fields for export - check/uncheck needed and click on Next button

In this step you can select the exported file format:

specify the name of the file and select the location to save it on your computer

Select the delimiter character which will be used to separate the fields data

Quote string values with

Also, you can select the option of what to do after the Export is finished:

Once all options are checked, you can proceed with Export

Check the result file to see what data was exported 

You can find the example of the exported file in CSV format below

If you have any questions or need any assistance with export setup, feel free to contact our support team via e-mail at: