Connect to your Shopify store

Once you launch the application you will see a window offering to set up the connection to your store.

Important! The product is in the active development stage, so we welcome our users to send us requests on the functionality that is currently missing via email:

1. At the first launch, you will see the 'Connect to Shopify' store window. Here you have to specify the shop name, API key.

To be able to access your Shopify store with Store Manager you have to create custom app access in your Shopify admin. 

2. Go to your Shopify admin, under the Apps section, select the 'APP and sales channel settings' option 

3. Click on 'Develop apps' button

4. Click on 'Allow custom app development'

5. Confirm 'Allow custom app development'

6. Click to 'Create an app'

7. Specify the App name and App developer and click to 'Create app'

8. Now you can configure Admin API scopes

9. Check all 125 access scopes here (scroll-down to make sure that all of them are checked) and Save changes

10. Click to Install app

11. Click on Install

12. Go to API credentials and click on 'Reveal token once'

Important note: 'To protect your data, you'll only be able to reveal your Admin API token once. Copy and save your Admin API access token in a secure place.'

13. Copy and save it in a secure place

Once the key is viewed and  copied you will see the following notification:

'You can't view this again because it provides an authenticated Admin API access'

14. Get back to the Store Manager Preferences and insert the Admin API  access token.

Check the connection by clicking on 'Test Connection'

15.  Click on Save & Connect if test connection was successful

Now you can see and manage your products with Store Manager