Connect to your Shopify store

Once you launch the application you will see a window offering to set up the connection to your store.

Important! Early alpha available for download does not allow you to perform any changes to your live store. It works in demo mode, so it is safe to play around and make any changes you need. No changes will be synced to your Shopify yet.

1. At the first launch, you will see 'Connect to Shopify' store window. Here you have to specify the shop name, API key, and Password.

To be able to access your Shopify store with Store Manager you have to create private app access in your Shopify admin. 

2. Go to your Shopify admin, under the Apps section, select the 'Manage private apps' option 

3. In case the private apps option is disabled, enable it to proceed.

4. Check all options to enable the private app development.

5. Now, you can create a private app.

6. Set the private app name (for example, 'store manager'), set the development email, and use 'Show inactive Admin API permissions' option.

7. Here you have to set 'Read Access' or 'Read and write' (if allowed) for all sections.

8. Enable options to allow the API to access to the Storefront.

9. Check the Shopify Terms of Use and save changes.

Now you can see your API key and password.

10. Specify the above API key and password in Store Manager for Shopify connection form.

11. Hit the 'Test the connection' button. In case all privileges are set correctly, you will see connection successful window and will be able to connect to your live site.

Important! Store Manager application is working in demo mode. That means that no changes will be applied to your Shopify store.

Now you can see your live store data in Store Manager: